Our meeting-2Life is always changing, you never know what exactly will happen next day.

The master says: try to believe that today is your last day, therefore be kind with all around you, do the best things that you wished once, and pay respect to your parents, they deserve that.

Today you are the richest man, maybe tomorrow it will be exactly the opposite, or you are now the poorest one so tomorrow God knows what it may bring.

The dynamic of our lives, as a leaf on the wings of destiny is a flying bird, so enjoy every minute of your life and be happy, don’t hurt anybody and smile. ……

Once you meet someone try to look at him as a mirror, if you hit him, it means that you hit yourself, if you smile he or she will smile to you.

In other words, you make your life beautiful, joyful or ugly as you wish…….

I had few great days, meeting wonderful people

In front of Clinic copy



  1. bahman Says:

    Super Mishto!!!!

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